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General Tips


  1. Inspect in and around your home/business thoroughly for signs of pest and conditions that favor their building such as areas of poor or faulty construction, places where the building has been damaged, by carless operation of equipment, plumbing leaks, condensation, garbage, ponded water, etc.
  2. Develop a systemic method of observing pests or signs of pests’ particles (rodent & cockroaches) over time. This will help determine where pests are coming and where they live.
  3. Keep indoors clean, do not leave food scraps on counter tops and the floor, in pet greedy bowls this leave as food sources for ants, cockroach, rodents, etc
  4. Exclusion involving the use of bat proof, blocking of entry points into building caused as a result of plumbing work, below doors, mosquito screens among others are some of the ways of preventing pest entry.
  5. Do not carry equipment/materials for a German cockroach infested area to an un-infested area. With 2-5 minutes of being in a location a mature German cockroach will find a home.
  6. Home owners with dogs or cats should vacuum their carpets regularly to reduce the possibility of the immature stages of the flea developing there. Carpet material can be used in the formation of pupal cases and that stage can remain dormant for a very long time if a suitable host is not present.


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