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Commercial Services

The last thing you want is to worry about pests and how they can affect your business or clientele. At FDL Pest Control Solutions, we take a systematic approach to pest management to control pests in your business environment. We use a variety of treatment methods which can also include free training of your staff on the best practices to complement our efforts and reduce pest infestations.

We are happy to discuss a treatment options that work best for your business. Call us today to schedule an appointment. 

One Time Treatment options

Adopt A School Programme

For customers who do not require contracted pest management services but need to deal with sporadic pest issues FDL Pest Control Services provides services tailored to your needs. Call us today to schedule a meeting.

In an effort to safeguard our children from mosquito borne diseases, FDL Pest Control Solutions is on a mission to install In2Care Mosquito Traps in all public schools in

St. Lucia.

We are therefore reaching out to our customers and the business community, to adopt a school to help us reach our goal. Your partnership with us will ensure that a school or schools of your choice are fitted with the requisite number of In2care traps, in addition to the establishment of an Integrated Mosquito Management program which will involve the training of staff in the identification and appropriate treatment of breeding sites on the school compound. 

We are continuously faced with a new vector borne threats. For the past few years, chikungunya, Dengue and Zika, have caused economic strain and threatened public health. In November 2016, the Center for Disease control and prevention indicated the Mayaro Virus had been isolated from a child in Haiti in 2015. Though it is not known whether this virus has epidemic potential, the fact that the Aedes mosquito is a vector of this virus should be of concern to us.

If nothing else, this year we would like to take a proactive approach to reducing Aedes egypti mosquito populations

FDL Pest Control Services has taken the lead on this initiative and adopted the Leon Hess Comprehensive school. To date the school has reported a significant reduction in mosquito related issues.

Please call us to get your sponsorship started. If you would like to help but are unsure of which school to adopt, we can recommend several schools which we believe could benefit from this initiative.

We also have a great relationship with HTS/Radio 100, and Kiss FM and will also help facilitate any Public Relations associated with your donation.

We look forward to the private sector partnering with us on this initiative.

Contracted Pest Management Services

At FDL Pest Control Solutions, we offer contracted Pest Management Services to various businesses in all sectors. Your contracted service may be as frequent as weekly visits or maintenance focused scheduled quarterly visits. We offer specialized services based on your business needs and level of pest infestation. We also offer free staff training and workshops to contracted clients to help maintain a pest free environment between visits.

Call us today to schedule an appointment.


We cannot stress enough the importance of sanitation in the hospitality sector. With housekeeping and food handling in particular sanitation is the first line of defense in pest management. To complement your efforts, FDL Pest Control Solutions offers contracted Pest Management services to target specific issues that affect the hospitality sector. We zero in on rodents, cockroaches, flies and bed bugs to name a few, and offer free training on pest treatment practices and other related areas.

Vertebrate Pest Management

Several vertebrates can be pests or a nuisance at our homes or businesses. These include rodents (Roof and Norway rate, mice), Bats and Birds. Rodents cause millions of dollars in damage to food worldwide annually and are responsible for the spread of diseases such as Leptospirosis, Lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCM) and the Plague. The control of rodents is paramount to a safe and healthy environment. Occasionally birds affect us by their flying, feeding, roosting and defecating habits. This nuisance can be removed by non-lethal means for your total comfort.

FDL has worked with The St. Lucia Air & Sea Port Authority and several similar organizations across the region in controlling the bird population at the islands’ airports and businesses. Several government agencies have also call on FDL to help curtail rodent infestation in cities across the region.