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Residential Pest Management

Sanitation is the first line of defense against residential pests. You may be able to solve your pest issue without the use of chemicals or a professional pest control services. Pest require food, water and shelter.


If you begin by taking away their basic needs, eliminating their food and water sources, with proper sanitation practices, pests will be driven away from the shelter of your home.

At FDL Pest Control Solutions, we believe in working with you to help solve your pest concerns. 

Specific Pest Issues

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Non-Chemical Approaches

The truth is, most pest issues can be solved without the use of professional help. To maintain a pest free environment, start by applying these three simple steps.



Exclusion involves blocking all possible entry points that harbour pests; including, cracks and crevices, wall voids, deep wall voids and holes in the walls. An FDL Pest Management Professional will work with you to identify these areas, and propose the most effective exclusion solution. This may include, caulking, wire meshing, or other barriers, which prevent or minimize pests from entering the premises. Perimeter Pest Management is also very important when looking at exclusion and blocking services.



With the exception of pests that we carry into our space such as Bedbugs. Most pests invite themselves into your home in search of food, harbourage and moisture.If we sanitize our work surfaces, block crevices to reduce shelter and prevent food from being lodged there, the availability of food and harborage for our common household pests will be reduced.


Changing Habits

Simple changes can be the difference between an isolated pest sighting, or a serious infestation. Reducing clutter in and around your home; maintaining a well-manicured lawn; pruning trees and hedges that touch your home and provide easy access for rodents and ants to enter your home, are only a few of the factors that you MUST pay attention to, in order to reduce pests in and around your home. 

At FDL we use bait stations, lures and trapping devices both inside and outside of the structure depending on the pest and level of infestation.

We can advise you on the best low impact treatment application, or non-chemical approach to treat the pests that bug you.  If you are happy to ‘Do it Yourself’ we carry a wide range of products in our BugsBeware Store.

If you are facing high levels of pest infestation and require our professional intervention, we are happy to schedule an inspection and discuss the best treatment options. Call us today.

Chemical Treatments 

Chemical treatment options are based on pest identification and monitoring. We then integrate this with advise on sanitation and exclusion for sustained control. Chemical treatment options involve the use of various pesticides formulations, based on your specific pest problem. A trained FDL Technician will follow through with inspection, treatment and advice of all chemical applications. Call us today to schedule an inspection.

Systems Approach

Pest Advice

Need to talk to a Pest expert? Call us at 758 453 1056 Mon to Fri 8:00 AM– 5:00 PM or email us. We are passionate about solving your pest problems.