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When you think of a Pest Management Company, you usually think of nuisance pests, like those we cover in our Residential and Commercial pages. However, at FDL Pest Control Solutions we also treat those pests that have a negative impact on your landscape and gardening plants and to mold.

Plant and Garden Care

While landscaping and gardening improves the aesthetics of our homes and businesses, pests thrive in these environments, damaging turf, plants and by extension infest our homes.

Pest such as aphids feed on plants and poop out sugars (honey dew) that serve as a substrate for fungi causing sooty mold. These sugars can also be food for several ant species (Big headed ants, Tropical Fire ant, Pavement ant, Ghost ant, pharaoh ants and other Monomorium species to name a few.).

 Subterranean termites can be introduced to your property through the soil and plants brought into your garden or home.

Poor landscape management activities can result in nuisance pests such as centipedes and Millipedes, the Surinamese Cockroach and several species of ants infesting our homes. Australian cockroach can fly from trees into structures attracted by light at nights.

Proper and adequate treatment of plants and turf will reduce the incidence of plant, turf and garden pests and their potential impact on your home or business. Call us today for more information on this specialized service.

FDL Has The Answer To Your Pest Problem

Pests can damage homes and other structures and they can also impact  human and animal health. It is important to keep them under control. Our team of dedicated and well trained individuals will deliver our high quality signature service every time.

Mold Control

High moisture and temperature levels in structures can promote conditions conducive for the growth of mold. Mold is fungal growth in structures under the conducive conditions of moisture, poor ventilation, temperature and light. Mold will thrive on surfaces such as painted surfaces, lumber, carpet, furniture and fabrics.

At FDL Pest Control Solutions, we assess the conditions conducive to the development of mold and work with our clients to eliminate these conditions and control mold that can be detrimental to our health.

Call us today to schedule a specialized consultation.

Pest Identification

‘What the $%&* is that?’ We can tell you.

(pic of strange looking bug. Ant Lion or Psoud?) – Did you find a strange bug? Bring it into our offices. We have the capability to identify many of the pests affecting you and your environment.  Alive or dead, we will attempt to identify it and tell you how best to treat your environment to prevent recurrence.