Sancha Paul: Operations Manager

She started as an Accounts Assistant, then was promoted to

Administrative Assistant and is now the Office Manager.

We have a well-balanced atmosphere here—sometimes it is hectic but sometimes it is nicely paced. Employees don’t feel stifled here—we are encouraged to speak up. This environment can cause a person’s intrinsic qualities to be highly developed. I have seen it happen during the 8 years that I have been working here.

Due to training received as well as through experience, I personally have been able to acquire and to hone a number of highly desirable skills.

Anyone who comes to work here must be ready for a challenge and must have an open mind. They must be willing to be educated. They must be aware that their performance can have a direct impact on the company’s growth.

This a place to learn life lessons—with the right mindset and attitude you too can shine.


Yaszie Alexander: Scheduler

She started as a temporary Office Assistant, then was promoted to

Customer Service Representative and is now the Scheduler.

Since I came to FDL 7 years ago I have been a temporary Office Assistant, a Customer Service Representative and now the Scheduler.

I have been able to develop my skills in a number of areas which include: customer relationship management, project management, and time management. I have learned to view situations from different angles, or vantage points and then to make decisions that lead to the desired outcome.

To anyone who is thinking of working here I say: Come ready to be challenged. Don’t be afraid of working hard and getting dirty (if necessary). If you have ambition you will grow.


Michel Justin: Technician

Here at FDL, our suggestions are acknowledged. We are encouraged to use our initiative and express our ideas. The different personalities and viewpoints of staff provide an opportunity for all of us to grow. The Managing Director is always available to give us advice and this open-door policy also applies to matters of a personal nature.

I have received a lot of training over the 5 years I have been employed at FDL and I am constantly looking for areas where I need to improve. In my line of work, I meet a variety of people from all walks-of-life. And thanks to the training received I can comfortably converse with just about anyone when it comes to pest control.

I would tell anyone who is interested in working here that if they want to be successful, they must be a sponge.



Ryan Volney: Technical Supervisor

He came in as a Technician before being promoted to

the post of Technical Supervisor.

The pest control industry has amazing scope for growth and so does this company.

I have worked here for about 8 years and I can say with confidence that the services that FDL offers its customers cannot readily be found anywhere else. All in all, I have found my experiences here quite rewarding. The sacrifices are well-worth it. I am excited about the next level.

Though I am generally a loner and prefer to work alone, since coming here I have learned to work with others and now I actually look forward to helping others grow and learn that this industry has a lot to offer.


Anilta St Ville: Office Assistant

Management listens to suggestions and they do their best to make changes that will benefit the employees and the company. Although working here had not been my original plan, I do find a lot of satisfaction in completing my daily tasks and overcoming challenges. We keep the company motto close in mind, “peace of mind guaranteed.” So, although at times we don’t see “eye to eye,” we work as a team and our goal and focus is always to ensure we solve our customers’ issues.

When I walked into FDL 4 years ago, I had just a basic knowledge of Customer Service. I have since learned how to deal with different personalities while maintaining a positive mindset.


Lance Peterson: Operations Assistant

An open-door policy obtains at this establishment and I strongly believe that the company cares for me as a person. Human Resource development remains one of the strong selling points of the company.

Being here is like being at school. I learn something new every day. I have been with the company for 3 years and in that time my level of professionalism has been sharpened.  I learn from everyone around me. I work with people who never accept no for an answer and this has encouraged me to do the same. I feel I have found my niche. No two days are ever the same and every day brings a new challenge and reward.

I chose FDL because I wanted to be part of a company where my “A” game was the only option. Here we work hard and we play hard. FDL has really defined me as a pest management professional and I would recommend FDL to potential hires because at FDL you become valuable.


Lucy Jn. Baptiste: Customer Service Representative

At FDL there is direct communication with management in all aspects of the business. Health and safety are a priority here and management also ensures that we are provided with all the tools and equipment that we need to get the job done.

The persons that I work with are confident and knowledgeable and this has motivated me to do better. My colleagues are very helpful, you can depend on them to assist when a problem arises. It is very rewarding working with a group of smart and professional people who work together to solve an issue.

It is challenging at times but I have developed the ability to work under pressure and not become too stressed.